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We're Seeing Red
Blogged by: Charlestown Square 10 Nov 2017 View comments

Fetch some fabulous scarlet red looks from a variety of retailers at Charlestown Square. Bardot has a fabulous wrap dress that’s perfect for completing any elegant look. Or mix up your summer wardrobe with a vibrant red bodysuit from Universal Store.

History has written red as the perfect power colour. Apprehensive about upgrading to a new pair of red heels? Don’t be, scarlet heels were once a favourite of Louis XVI! His Majesty had such fabulous legs, so he thought, why not show them off? Royalty in 17th century France was the top of the fashion hierarchy, and soon scarlet heels became a must-have for European nobility.
Of course, scarlet red plays the starring role in Nathaniel Hawthorne’s The Scarlet Letter, where it symbolises the colour of sin. Lucky for us 21st century locals, we can wear the colour with pride and creativity; creating different looks for any occasion, whether it’s for the office or taking a vacay.
There is no shortage of celebrities sporting different styles of racy red fashion. Khloe Kardashian wore a tasteful full piece jumpsuit and paired it with crimson red stilettos. Jennifer Lawrence featured on Vogue’s September cover, modelling a beautiful scarlet silk-like dress.
The styling options are endless when you have racy red fashion to play with. A particularly fearless look – handy for a chilly day - is black skinny jeans and a black shirt coupled with a bold scarlet coat. For a look that suits Australia’s heat, try a crimson singlet with light denim shorts and add a black belt to finish.
Any brave look needs accompanying beauty and accessory products for total fashion dominance. If you need an excuse to check out Sephora this is it; the beauty treasure room just opened up at Charlestown Square. With its extensive range of Urban Decay, Too Faced, Tarte and much more; explore their range and discover the perfect complement for your favourite red style. Or, you can check out our guide to red makeup here.
Racy red has many different personas; with the potential to suit any mood. The options are endless; it can be saucy, for when you just need to let your inhibitions loose or to add a daring edge to your everyday office wear.

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