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Our Top 5 Ways to Improve Digestion
Blogged by: Charlestown Square 20 Jun 2016 View comments
You are what you digest and absorb and this is why gut health is so important.  The purpose of healthy digestion is to turn food you eat into fuel for you cells. Symptoms of poor digestion are fatigue, bloated, constipation or diarrhoea, hormonal imbalance and uncontrollable weight gain or loss.

If are suffering from any of the above to just want to improve your gut health, here are our top 5 tips!
1. Take a probiotic (always under the guidance of a health practitioner)

2. Increase stomach acid by drinking warm lemon water before meals

3. Eat more fibre – greens, fruit, beans, oats, chia seeds, psyllium husk etc.

4. Go gluten free for 4 weeks – if it improves your energy and digestive function, cut it out for good!

5. Manage your stress levels – take time for yoga, a run or some meditation –it will work a treat!

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