Kids & Family, Back to School Blogged by: Charlestown Square 13 Jan 2021

The Ultimate Back to School Checklist for 2021

Preparation is everything when it comes to sending our kids off to school in the new year. As parents we go through a range of emotions when preparing our kids (and ourselves) for school. They grow up so quickly! Shopping for all the necessities can be overwhelming and expensive unless you’re organised and plan ahead.

Allow us to help. At Charlestown Square we have all your back to school needs. From Kindergarten to Year 12… this ultimate checklist will cover all Back to School bases (and a few handy tips to go with them!).

  • Formal uniform - Hint: Fabric paint now comes in pens and is a GREAT way to label school clothing without annoying iron ons etc.
  • Sports uniform
  • Formal uniform shoes
  • Sports shoes - Hint: Shoes from last year still fit but just need a bit of a clean? You can put them in a garment bag and run them through the washing machine (on cold with delicate wash). Don’t put them in the dryer though!
  • Socks (formal and sports)
  • Hat (formal and sports)
  • Appropriate underwear - Hint: Shorty underpants are a great option for girls who wear dresses/skirts for modesty. Also consider packing additional underwear for emergencies.
  • Jumper/jacket
  • Gloves/mittens
  • Scarf
  • Stockings
  • Singlets - Hint: Layer bamboo or cotton singlets under uniforms in cold weather
  • Hair ties/ribbons/pins/scrunchies
  • Backpack
  • Library bag
  • Raincoat - Hint: Look for a lightweight coat that folds into a small size
  • Art smock
  • Purse/wallet

  • Pencils
  • Pens
  • Coloured pencils/markers - Hint: Look for washable markers so you don’t spend your year scrubbing clothes!
  • Highlighters
  • Liquid paper
  • Ruler
  • Protractor
  • Scissors (or safety scissors)
  • Eraser
  • Pencil sharpener
  • Stapler
  • Paper clips
  • Notebooks
  • Post-it’s
  • Art book
  • Glue stick
  • Pencil case or box
  • Tape/tape dispenser - Hint: Choose washi tape for a more environmentally friendly option
  • Book socks or contact paper - Hint: Do you know you don’t need to break your back (or your sanity) anymore on contact paper? You can buy book covers that are easy to slip on!
  • Yearly planner

  • Calculator
  • Earphones - Hint: Did you know you can get traceable earphones now so you never lose them?
  • Tablet/laptop
  • USB
  • Phone - Hint: There is now a smartphone for younger kids that has controlled features e.g. parent approved contacts, GPS so they can be tracked and limited internet for safety.
  • Drop proof cover for phone/tablet

  • Water bottle
  • Lunch box
  • Containers for munch and crunch/crunch and sip - Hint: If you have kids starting in kindy, make sure they can open all the containers by themselves before you buy them!
  • Thermos container for warm food
  • Cooler bag
  • Freezer blocks - Hint: You can freeze a wet, clean sponge in a sealable bag if you don’t have a freezer block on hand.

  • Hand sanitiser - Hint: You can get fun sanitisers for kids that hang on their bag like a decoration. Handy and they’ll want to use it!
  • Tissues
  • Reusable face mask with spare filters
  • Personal hygiene products (e.g. pads, tampons, menstrual cups etc.)
  • Moisturising lip balm
  • Suncream

  • Bag rain cover
  • Foldable umbrella
  • Bag tags
  • Bag decorations

The schools usually have a list of required items you can check. Start there, then use this list to check off anything else you may need. If you approach Back to School with a sound plan, you’ll be able to save time (and money) for the more important things like spending time together.