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​5 Super Healthy Food Trends You Haven’t Tried Yet
Blogged by: Charlestown Square 13 Jul 2016 View comments
1. Coconut flour

Coconut flour is a tasty alternative to grain and wheat flours.  Like most of its food relatives, coconut flour also has major health benefits.  It’s naturally 75% fibre in composition.  It’s also rich in minerals, low in digestible carbohydrates plus gluten-free and hypoallergenic!

2. Matcha Green Tea

Matcha green tea is about to come your favourite new tea.  It’s packed with antioxidants, it will boost your metabolism, burns fat plus it’s high in fibre, chlorophyll and vitamins.  I know.  It’s basically the perfect tea but we’re not even done covering off the benefits – it will enhance your mood, aid in concentration and will even lower your blood sugar and cholesterol.  Swing by Mojo Health at Charlestown Square to pick up some Matcha Tea – they have tea bags, loose leaf and power Matcha (think: Pukka tea!), you’ll be in Matcha heaven.


3. Hemp

Hemp is gaining major popularity as a health seed.  Hemp seeds are similar in taste to sunflower seeds and just as versatile.  They can eaten raw, roasted, sprinkled on yogurt, anyway you can imagine.  Just one tablespoon of hemp seeds is 16% of your daily phosphorus and magnesium and 1 gram of fibre.  Our favourite is Hemp Foods, they make the best protein, seeds and oil - Hemp Foods can be found at Mojo Health, our favourite health food store in the Hunter.

4. Kefir

Think yogurt in a glass. This fermented dairy beverage is packed with beneficial probiotics that may help give your immune system a little extra edge. With 29 percent of your daily value of calcium per 8-ounce serving, kefir is the perfect choice for adding to smoothies in place of yogurt or as an on-the-go breakfast. Look for it in your local market and choose plain for less added sugars; if you want extra flavour, add fresh fruit or fruit puree for natural sweetness.
5. Amaranth
Quinoa has had its 15 minutes of fame but amaranth, another whole grain farmed in Central America is about to have its day in the sun!  Amaranth is great for vegetarians because it’s high in both iron and zinc, nutrients that can be tough to get into a vegetarian diet, as well as protein. It’s also gluten-free and high in both calcium and magnesium.  Mojo Health carries Amaranth in a variety of forms - flour, grain, puffed grain and we love every single version - yum and healthy goodness!


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