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Charcoal is the new black
Blogged by: Charlestown Square 28 Jul 2016 View comments
Pitch black foods and beverages are popping up everywhere from savoury crackers and hamburger buns to ice cream cones and IKEA hot dogs! Here’s the rundown on dark hue of charcoal and why it’s considered to be, “activated”.

1. Even if eating charcoal sounds dangerous, it’s not.  Charcoal made from coconut is harmless and far from consuming food that has been burnt.

2. Charcoal is considered to be, “activated” based on its negative charge which has the capacity to bind positively charged ions (e.g. chemicals) together, removing them from the body before absorption.  This is why charcoal has long been used in emergency rooms to treat acute poisonings and overdoes.

3. Not only is charcoal good to detoxing your body, it’s also helps skin look clearer and teeth look whiter! It’s a tiny bit messy, your mouth appear black quickly but after you rinse, they will look amazing like they look after having a polish at the denist!

4. Consuming Charcoal also alleviates gas and bloating!  It works as a binding agent to the byproducts in foods that cause discomfort.

5. It’s anti-aging!  Activated charcoal uses include preventing cellular damage to kidneys and liver as well as supporting the heath of adrenal glands!You can purchase a variety charcoal products like My Magic Mud whitening tooth powder from Mojo Heatlh!

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