Christmas, Decor Blogged by: Charlestown Square 16 Nov 2021

Set The Scene

This Christmas will be special for so many, as families reunite to spend the day together. If you’re hosting this year, you may wish to elevate your table setting game to make the day even more memorable.

So where do you start? Pick a theme. Consistency and coordination are always best. Here are some of our favourite theme ideas:
  • White Christmas - Paper snowflakes, fake snow, doilies, frosted wreaths and snowmen.
  • Nature/Australiana - Bring the outdoors in with pine cones, plant sprigs, citrus and holly. Or go for an Australiana theme with bouquets of native flowers in addition to pine cones, eucalypt, rosemary sprigs and earthy tones.
  • Lavish - Metallics are hero, with candles, ribbons and garlands being metallic hero’s on a white or black base.
  • Traditional - Traditional reds and greens are always a winner and never out of style.

Take stock of what you already have:
  • What do you already own that you can use to complement your theme?
  • Take a walk outside. What natural elements can you bring in? E.g. rosemary from the garden, eucalypt, berries and sprigs.
  • Make a list of what you need and research what’s available online (and check out some of our recommendations below).

Below, we’ve rounded up the best accessories from our favourite retailers to inspire your inner festive decorator.


  • Nothing says white Christmas like a ‘snow’ covered tree. We love this white tree - from Big W ($65) 
  • This glass Christmas tealight cloche will create a crystal warmth amongst your white Christmas setting - from Big W ($15)
  • A frosted white glitter feather tree would look beautiful dotted up the centre of your table or clustered in a corner of the room - from Big W ($10)
  • These white glitter felt placemats provide frosted perfection for your table - from Big W ($4)
  • To finish off your white Christmas room, bunch, drap or cluster white tinsel wherever you can - from Big W ($3)
  • A string of these paper snowflakes in white would look beautiful hung above the table - from Typo ($9.99)
  • Create the impression of snow with these glitter pearl tealights - from Dusk ($12.99) and these tapered candles ($3.99)


  • This beautiful metal wreath with greenery will look fabulous on the door all - from Big W ($16)
  • Wind this green garland with berry accents down the centre of your table around pine cones - from Big W ($20)
  • A few long wooden serving boards down the centre of your table can hold food and decor in style - from Big W ($11.40)
  • Ornate wooden reindeer decor can sit under the tree or on the mantle - from Big W ($10)
  • These wooden bead garland lights will frame your natural Christmas setting beautifully - from Target ($15)
  • Target have a range of beautiful Australiana wreaths and garlands. In particular we love this wreath ($29) and this garland ($29)
  • Botanical bon bons will perfectly complement your nature theme - from Target ($15) or from Dusk ($34.99)
  • Santa sacks can also make the theme come to life. We love these from Target ($7)
  • Dusk’s range of Australiana candles are a perfect addition ($24.99)


  • For a look of luxury, consider replacing your table cloth with a rich velvety throw like this - from Best & Less ($10)
  • Top your table cover with a garland such as this gold beauty - from Big W ($6) or a larger version ($20)
  • Metallic tree candles can be placed on the table or around the room - from Big W ($25) 
  • This Parisian gold sequin wreath can be placed on the door or wall, OR flat on the table with candles in the middle to be the hero of your lavish table - from Big W ($22)
  • Look to the skies and hang these metallic icicles from the ceiling - from Big W ($4)
  • For a ready to go table centrepiece, look at these gold palm fronds in a vase - from Target ($12)
  • Large flocked reindeer can greet your guests at the door - from Target ($35)
  • Faux gold pomegranates and foliage in a vase make a perfect ready made table decoration - from Target ($20)
  • Score compliments with golden serveware - from Target ($19) 
  • A little added ‘frost’ with these gold glitter tealight candles will go a long way - from Dusk ($12.99)


  • Polished red tableware will be traditional and striking. We adore these plates - from Big W ($1.50)
  • For a modern take on a classic wreath, we love this star wreath - from Big W ($8)
  • What could be more traditional than a gorgeous nutcracker? From Target ($20)
  • A gorgeous red poinsettia will make a statement dotted around your room or clustered across your table. From Target ($8)
  • Mini Christmas picks can be used as a decoration tied to napkins with a ribbon - from Target ($2)
  • Red paper Christmas trees will add dimension to your table or room - from Typo ($19.99)
  • A few evergreen tray sets from Dusk will highlight your traditional Christmas table ($24.99)
Have fun planning your beautiful Christmas tablescape!