Pop Up Shops...

Temporary retail, flash retailing, pop-up store, pop-up shop or just pop up...check out the range of pop up shops we have in Centre. 

Looking for something a little different, why not grab some fair trade leather or handmade jewellery...there is something for everyone! 

Ground Floor -

Pushing Pansies - Floral arrangements, posies and plants. 

Level 1 -

Lollie Express - Get on board the Lollie Express! Here you can purchase all of your favourite lollies from around the globe. Also book a Lollie Buffet, Lollie Bags & more! Ex-Betts store.
Mirage – Ladies fashion and accessories. Ex-Ice Design store. In Centre until Apr 18
Mr Gadget - A range of 'as seen on TV brands' and accessories. Ex-Dolce Lifestlye. In Centre until Dec17 

Level 2 - 

Trending Tarvey - Trending Tarvey is a boutique online store specializing in on-trend boys clothing. Ex-Virgin next to Valleygirl. In Centre until Dec17
Choice Homewares - Choice Homewares offers a huge selection of homewares, kitchen gadgets, gift ideas and more, all at very reasonable prices. Ex-Nextra. In Centre until Dec17

Want to host your own Pop up Shop?