Gifts of Joy for the Home Cook

A masterful list of Christmas gifts for the master chef in your life!
This gift guide has a range of great options your favourite foodie will find irresistible.


Prinetti Digital Air Fryer 3L Black by Big W


Create all your favourite crispy and crunchy foods without the extra fats and oils, with this fabulous 3 litre Digital Air Fryer from Prinetti. Featuring 6 easy and convenient preset cooking functions, a digital screen and sensor touch panel as well as a 60 minute timer, this clever machine can cook everything from hot chips to a roast chicken.

The Gourmet Collection Cheese Serving Set by Big W


Enjoy a nice picnic or lunch with friends with the The Gourmet Collection Cheese Serving Set. The set comes with a gorgeous round serving board, a cheese knife & fork as well as a bottle of yummy apple chutney.

3 Pack Christmas Cookie Cutters by Target


Create yummy biscuits with the 3 Pack Christmas Cookie Cutters. The pack includes a tree, star and snowflake as well as a round link to keep them together when packed away.


6 Piece Japanese Knife Block Set by Target


A staple in any kitchen, this 6 piece japanese knife block set will be just what you need! Featuring 5 different types of knives in a wood block, it will be stylish yet practical.

Gourmet Basket Therapy Kitchen Hamper by Myer


The Aromatherapy Companys Natural Chefs Candle is a deodorizing natural plant wax candle made with the essential oil blend of Lemongrass, Lime & Bergamot to create a neutralizing and refreshing scent. This zesty, energizing fragrance will naturally eliminate and rid the air of unwanted cooking odours. 

Infused Olive Oils Carry Case 3 x 100ml by Myer


This gift set of 3 infused olive oils is perfect for a chef looking to spice things up in the kitchen!

Large Premium Activity Recipe Journal by Typo


Perfect for the amateur chef. Create your own secret recipes and keep organised with this Recipe Journal!

Nara Stoneware Rectangle Baking Dish by Target


Cook your favourite dishes in the Nara rectangle baking dish. Made from durable stoneware; it is microwave, oven and dishwasher safe.
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