This is how we Christmas

Whether it’s prawns for the BBQ or the perfect gift, we’ve got everything you need to make your Christmas special.


Do you light up your house like National Lampoons? Do you place an angel or star atop your tree? Are you the crafty one who handmakes your decorations and gifts? Or the one who visits the Christmas shop in July to stock up on merry loot? Do you put up your decorations as soon as Halloween is over or are yours still up from last year?
No matter who you are, or how you decorate the festive season, you'll find everything you need at Charlestown Square.

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Gift Shopping

Do you… buy it, wrap it, bag it, colour it, stamp it, ribbon it, tinsel it, hide it, post it, give it? This year, how will you do gifting at Christmas? Some families do Kris Kringle, some fill the stockings, some donate gifts and some use wrapping paper that’s been doing the rounds since 1983! Some wrap perfectly, some wrap like a blind t-rex. Whatever you do, it’s filled with love!
No matter who you are, or how you gift, we’ve got everything you need for your 2019 Christmas presents at Charlestown Square.

Shop Christmas Gifts at Charlestown Square​:

Christmas Lunch

Australia is a wonderfully diverse and multicultural place, where every tradition is special and unique to you and your Christmas crew. Be it backyard cricket and a barbie, Nan’s pav, fresh seafood, Uncle Jim dressed as Santa while we all sit around the tree waiting (im)patiently for our turn, street parties where everyone brings a plate or building a beach snowman out of sand.
No matter who you are, at Charleston Square we’ve got all the food and drink you need to perfect your 2019 Christmas Lunch.

Shop Christmas Food at CharlestownSquare:


Do you book your Santa photos months in advance? Or rush in on Christmas Eve? Do you take the fur babies and dress the family in matching outfits? Perhaps you plan out every available local Christmas event on the calendar and turn up with bells on. Do you write letters to Santa, fill the advent calendar, leave out cookies and milk and dress in your merry best?
No matter who you are, or how you celebrate the festive season, we’ve got every Christmas experience you could ask for at Charlestown Square.

Shop this year's hottest toys at Charlestown Square:

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